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To Educate, Inspire and Empower!


I am a Sr. Technical Program Manager at a FinTech Startup called Auto Approve.

My side hustle is to make YouTube videos, where I talk about different phases (Education, Career, Settling In) of a life of an immigrant in the USA, I also like to make content around personal growth and well-being.


This is how my story goes! I came to USA (Chico California) in 2014 to get my masters in computer science for California State University. I come from a lower middle class family living in Mumbai, India. I was scared, insecure and not so confident kid. My English was not that great when I came to USA and still not so good. But regardless of all my shortcomings, I made it to USA. Studying computer science made me realize that I am really a people person. I enjoy working with people, encourage them, lead them, mentor them and be a servant leader. That's how I decided to switch my career from Software Development to Project Management field. In 2018 my childhood dream of getting into Film Industry (Bollywood) came back as that is what I have always wanted to do, but did not know how would I go about it. Then came an idea of YouTube (Digital Media Sensation). I figured that I don't have to be in movies to inspire people I can make my own movies/videos upload it on YouTube and inspire people. So I did. I started with a channel called "Coffee with Hustlers" - a Podcast Video channel where I invite guest to share their journey to success who are entrepreneurs, influencers, business owners and professionals. But soon I realized I need to make it more personal so I can connect with audience and then what better story then my own story of rags to riches (PS. I am not rich yet :P). But basically my story of coming from lower middle class family and achieving dreams because nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it and work hard, as I believe hard work beats talent when talent is not working hard.

"Keep Smiling and Keep Hustling"

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