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Product Management FREE Guide

This guide is specifically designed to empower international students to not just survive but thrive in the dynamic world of product management.

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Data Analyst FREE Guide

Many of you in this community aspire to enter the world of Data Analytics. That's why I've created this Data Analyst Guide – to provide you with a starting point in this career.

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Study in USA Guide

One of our community members/subscribers (Mayur) went through most of my videos and created notes for himself, which is now an extensive eBook/study guide. 


Packing List for International students

Ease your journey in USA!

A thoughtful packing list to adapt you to new cultures, save money, and ensures comfort.

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Free Email templates to get RA/TA Jobs

Get your RA/TA on-campus job effortlessly! Stand out with these cool email templates. Download now!!

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Free LinkedIn Networking Templates

Start meaningful connections with our proven networking templates. Because genuine connections open doors. Grab yours! 


Behavior Interview Questions 

Behavioral interview questions asked by top product based companies such as Google, Salesforce, Meta, Microsoft and more.


Product Manager Interview Questions

The top 150+ product management interview questions asked by top 10 product based companies

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