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Yudi J is a growing brand with more than 80K+ subscribers on Youtube, almost 13k on Instagram, 12k followers on LinkedIn. We would love to hire you as a full-time Video Editor Intern for this brand, so we can deliver more valuable content for all the social media channels. My goal has always been and will always be to inspire, educate, and empower students with providing valuable and thought-provoking content. We would love to bring you on our winning team and grow together on this journey.


What will we offer:

  • Paid Salary.

  • Mentorship.

  • Team building skills.

  • Real-world experience.

  • Social Media Influencer Marketing and Digital Marketing experience.



  • 10th grade and above


What you will do:


  • Video Podcast Editing - Zoom Podcasts, Multi-camera angle podcast.

  • Audio Podcast Editing (Basically Extracting Audio from Video Podcast).

  • Micro Content Video Editing for Social Media (IGTV, LinkedIn, Instagram).

  • Solo Infotainment Video Editing (with and without a green screen).

  • Basic Graphics editing for thumbnails and Infographics.



  • Knowledge of Video Editing Softwares 

  • Video Editing

  • Able to communicate ideas clearly 

  • Creative thinker

  • Able to deliver projects on time

  • Have strong work ethics and team spirit


Salary will be negotiable after the interview.


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